About iAddicted


About iAddictive

iAddicted was developed to prevent and educate communities, businesses and households about the dangers of smartphone and social media addiction.

iAddicted was developed to reduce the dangerous effects of smartphone and social media addiction in our communities and reduce the lack of community awareness regarding the dangers of smartphone and social media use.

iAddicted works to enhance education and understanding about smartphone and social media addiction within the individual, family, school, and work setting to ensure continued health and wellness throughout the community.

iAddicted implements training programs and evidence-based strategies by licensed and certified professionals in the field of social media and smartphone addiction and strives to empower communities throughout New Jersey to be actively engaged in changing their smartphone and video game habits.

How to Get Started with the iAddicted Program

Our Program

Sean Foley of the iAddicted Program will visit your household, school, business or local organization center to help educate your community on the dangers of overuse of smartphones and social media sites.

Digital & In-Person Programs Available

Sean Keagan Foley is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) who is certified as a Tech Addiction & Digital Health Specialist in Children, Adolescents, & Young Adults. Sean also holds certificates as an Eagleton Fellow at Rutgers University, School Social Worker, Certified Clinical Treatment Professional, Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider,Certified Depression & Mood Disorder Treatment Professional and a certificate in mindfulness-based interventions.

Sean is currently a psychotherapist who treats not only individuals whom may be addicted to their smartphones, but also individuals with substance use disorder, social phobias, anxiety disorders, and depression. Sean is one of the first mental health professionals in the state to raise the alarm about the dangers regarding smartphone and social media overuse an issue he has been researching over the past 4 years.

If you wish to learn more about having the iAddicted Program visit your town or conduct a digital program for your organization, contact us via telephone or send us a message below.

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