Local Program Designed to Combat Social Media & Smart Phone Addiction

iAddicted was developed to reduce the dangerous effects of smartphone and social media addiction in our communities and reduce the lack of community awareness regarding the dangers of smartphone and social media use.

We work to enhance education and understanding about smartphone and social media addiction within the individual, family, school, and work setting to ensure continued health and wellness throughout the community.

iAddicted implements training programs and evidence-based strategies by licensed and certified professionals in the field of social media and smartphone addiction and strives to empower communities throughout New Jersey to be actively engaged in changing their smartphone and video game habits.

Teen Addicted to Cell Phone
Cell Phone Addiction

Break the Smartphone & Social Media Addiction

Sean Keagan Foley, MSW, LSW developed the iAddicted Program to help local communities deal with the growing problem of depression, anxiety, and loneliness amongst today’s youth.

What started as a small initative, has since grown and Sean conducts workshops at schools and community centers across the entire tri-state area. The iAddicted Program delivers needed information and tools to the thousands of people and is helping to keep communities safe from the hazards of social media and smartphone overuse.

“There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and social media platforms.”

Today’s youth are experiencing the highest rates of depression, anxiety and social isolation.  Suicide is now the second leading cause of death amount young adults. Research points to smart phones and social media as a major factor associated with the high suicide rate in our country amoungst adolecents.

iAddicted strives to educate the public about the impact of social media that social media has already had and will continue to have in years to come so they can better help themselves and their family. The program will provide guidance to families, school staff, community leaders and businesses on how to diminish the negative impact of social media and smartphones and the potential negative effects in the years to come.

Break the Social Media Addiction


Conducting Workshops Throughout the Tri-State Area